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Managing Landen Land!

Version 3.0

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I'm a wife and SAHM for our THREE kids, all under 4 years old. My husband and I have been together since we were 15. We got married in September, 2002. I wanted kids right away but we waited a year to TTC. Landen Carter was born 05-25-04! Then 3 years later, Alisia Kate was born on 07/18/07. Then our SURPRISE SHOCKER baby girl, Amaya Diane, was born 08/08/08! 8lbs 8oz too! She's my lucky 8 baby and she perfectly completes our family. They grow up so quickly too, which is why I believe documenting it is so important! I absolutely LOVE the baby years and I take a million pictures! I'm also very sentimental and like to reminisce ALOT! ;) Just warning ya. ;)

Some of you may remember me as DKaya81 on WC, where I planned my wedding in 2002 and then my first born! ;)